21 January 2009


Coming back from Washington DC , I watched the movie "Amazing Grace". The story of William Wilberforce, a man full of passion and perseverance, is my own story- knowing that our family has been called to make a difference in our generation.

Our family, including my son Mike and his wife Dori visited the White House and especially being in the Oval Office with the President for 18 minutes, it is more than I could ever imagined. The President waited for us at the door of his office. He said to Becky "Hi Becky Boo, finally you get to see the Oval Office." I was so impressed to see that he took and pushed Becky's wheelchair and shared with us the history of the Oval Office. We received gifts. The girls received a scarf pin with the Seal of the President of the United States with his signature, and a book mark with the Seal and his signature too. The boys received a tie pin with the Seal and his signature and a book mark too. We gave gifts too. For him and his wife, we gave a porcelain fruit basket made in Romania , Becky's book (the Romanian version), an album about Romania , a portfolio of Becky's Hope, a newsletter and a brochure about Becky's Hope. We gave a gift for his mother Barbara Bush, a porcelain bowl made in Romania , a DVD presentation, newsletter and brochure of Becky's Hope.

He told us about one of his precious memories of being in Romania . At one time he spoke at the same balcony where Ceausescu spoke. It was a rainy day and at one point the rain stopped and a rainbow appeared and the President said "God smiles on Romania ". I told to the President I knew about this, because the whole country was so impressed and my father said that no other president mentioned God's name in his speech.

The White House photographers took a lot of pictures of us. The President signed for us his book "A Man of Faith". At that point his wife Laura Bush came in, she gave us a hug, and she signed for me her book "An Intimate Portrait of the First Lady Laura Bush."

We had a picture taken with her too. We were almost ready to leave, and I had the courage and the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, and I said "Mr. President can I tell you something... I know that you love Billy Graham, and the way God used Billy Graham to bring Joni Eareckson on the stage 30 years ago and Joni and Friends Ministry became international, I know that "For such a time as this" President Bush brought Becky and Becky's Hope Ministry will become international." I looked at his face, he was speechless. Becky told me afterwards that he took her hand and smiled at her while I was sharing this. We hugged and said goodbye and said millions of thank you's.
We visited the White House, especially the West Wing, which is not allowed for the public. We will send you some pictures. That night when we got back to the hotel Becky wrote to his secretary to give him a thank you note and the next day we received a reply that she already gave to him. This unique experience of my life is like a diamond with many faces. We had the opportunity to meet the Romanian Ambassador in Washington.

Thank you again for your love and compassion heart. We felt God's presence from the first minute till the last while being in Washington DC .
To God Be The Glory.

In Christ for His Glory
Lidia Oprean

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