18 March 2010

Un coleg implineste 40 de ani cu compania...poezie la cerere...

by Rodica Botan...
P. G. and E - The mapping story       
Ken Cooper - 40 years of glory.
In upper corner of the floor
Work, live and post…a dinosaur.

Don’t touch his stuff -or be aware
You don’t want to awake the bear…
But shoot a question -if you may
He has the answer -right away.

His work seems easy like a breeze
His bosses stayed only to sneeze
Today he must decide again
We're still confused about his plan…

We took him out for lunch today
Just to ask him straight – “Please stay?”

1 comment:

A.Dama said...

Asta e o versificatie care merge... E pentru o ocazie anume si aduce buna dispozitie! :)