03 September 2009

8 SEPTEMBRIE...si pericolul unui nou virus...OBAMAVIRUS...

Inainte de a citi scrisoarea de mai jos, o scurta introducere. Pe 8 Septembrie, Presedintele Obama vrea sa vorbeasca tuturor studentilor din USA. Asta suna frumos...daca nu stim si nu intelegem ce anume urmareste. Toate pregatirile care se fac insa, sint asa de elaborate incit discursul ce-o sa-l tina nu pare o urare obisnuita de inceput de an scolar ci mai degraba un inceput de spalare de creier .

Pentru cei care am venit din tarile comuniste-noi stim exact care a fost programul si cum s-a desfasurat. Atit Hitler cit si Comunistii si alte plagi sociale s-au ocupat dintotdeauna de educatia tineretului, cu gindul sa-si creasca o generatie loiala lor si ideilor lor politice. Cintam slava partidului de ne pierdeam vocea prin scoli...si slaveam pe Ceausescu si bateam din palme...ca educatia a inceput cu soimii patriei din gradinita. Asa se creste o generatie de comunisti...ii educi de mici. (Si tot la fel se cresc si copii credinciosi...ii inveti de mici si atunci n-o sa uite cind sint mari)

Scrisoarea de mai jos da citeva sugestii parintilor, cum sa procedeze. Eu zic sa facem din asta o sarbatoare nationala si sa ne tinem copii si nepotii acasa...cu guturai. Faceti-le un ceai cald si puneti-le o compresa...sa ii aparati de noul virus ...Obamavirus...

Insanatosire grabnica!!!

Now the President wants to abduct your kids for brainwashing
By Mike Thompson

UNLESS PARENTS throughout the United States immediately
1) pressure local school boards, or
2) act to pull their children from school for the day, September 8 will mark the biggest abuse of domestic presidential power in our history.The U.S. Department of Education in recent hours has announced that next Tuesday President Barack Obama will conduct a nationwide satellite television “address”(that is,“political rally”) designed to reach all 75 million public (and perhaps private) students, from kindergarten through 12th grade – that is, one fourth of the entire nation’s population.

The Washington-based educrats have issued detailed instructions for teachers to require all students to take notes and follow up with classroom discussion, stressing “why it is important that we listen to the President.” More frightening, Obama’s loyalists at DOE “suggest” in a government document that teachers“extend learning by having students” engage in a series of pro-Obama propagandizing activities, such as:

CREATE POSTERS that celebrate Obama’s goals for the students personally, plus community and country.

WRITE LETTERS to themselves “about what they can do to help the president,” letters to be collected by the teacher and “redistributed at an appropriate later date . . . to make the students accountable.”

WRITE OBAMA’S GOALS on “colored index cards . . . to post around the classroom.”

INTERVIEW OTHER STUDENTS and share Obama’s goals “to create a supportive community.”

PARTICIPATE in “school-wide incentive programs or contests for students” who achieve his goals.

CELEBRATE OBAMA’SGOALS by “writing poems, songs, personal essays.”

GRAPH THEIR PROGRESS toward achieving Obama’s goals.

Meantime, in as much as the president has set his goals for America’s children, here are reasonable goals that parents should establish to protect their precious boys and girls from Obama’s Marxist ideological assault:


Is Obama’s “address” to every school child in the nation designed for
1) political purposes, or
2) social purposes (“just to meet and chat with kids about this and that, like music, their favorite color. . .”), or
3) educational purposes (“there are 57 states in the U.S., and we are not a Christian country but one of the largest Muslim countries”[all of which are bizarre assertions that “educator” Obama has made in public appearances over the past year]) It does not take genius to know Obama’s purpose is cunningly political,to mold as many children as possible into Obamites before 2012’s presidential election (when kids who are 15 or older today will be eligible to vote).

THEREFORE, parents who truly love their children and wish to protect their future should contact at once the elected head of their county school system or school board and demand that local public schools refuse to participate in what clearly is designed to be a partisan, ideological political event September 8. (Don’t bother to contact your child’s teacher or principal. They either are too powerless or too liberal themselves to take your advice.)Remind your local elected school executive that just last October a federal judge (Lewis A. Kaplan, in Manhattan) upheld New York City’s policy that teachers may not wear political buttons in a classroom. Surely, if Miss Jones the first-grade teacher can’t wear her Obama For Change! button, then Obama himself cannot monopolize the classroom TV set and lesson plans for the next several weeks.

Also inform your local school boss that the Free Speech clauses of the U.S. Constitution and state constitutions prohibit use of governmentally compelled monetary contributions (including taxes) to support or oppose political campaigns. (“[S]uch contributions are a form of speech, and compelled speech offends the First Amendment.” Smith v.U.C. Regents (1993) 4 Cal.4th 843, 852.)
Moreover, “use of the public treasury to mount an election campaign which attempts to influence the resolution of issues which our Constitution leaves to the ‘free election’ of the people . . . presents a serious threat to the integrity of the electoral process.” Stanson v. Mott (1976) Cal.3d 206, 218.

Finally, if self-styled teacher Obama (or your local school official) insists that the president’s blatant
political rally is really going to be an “educational” experience about government and American history for the kids, tell your local school chief to send you the proof required by law:

“The school-improvement provisions of NCLB [“No Child Left Behind,” bipartisan federal law supported by the late U.S. Sen. Ted Kennedy (D-MA) and Republican President George W. Bush] include requirements that all teachers of coreacademic subjects be ‘highly qualified’ as defined by state standards and that poor and minority children are notdisproportionately taught by unqualified, inexperienced, or out-of-field teachers. . . .

“Parents have a legal right to receive information concerning the qualifications of their children’s
teachers if they request it.” (From A Teacher’s Guide to Education Law,” by Michael Imber and Tyll Van Geel, p. 38)


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