10 November 2012


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Fiindca postarea e in Engleza am gasit o poezie frumoasa tot in Engleza:
You are God
In anguish and torment,
I know You are here, I know You are God.
Through the breaking and sorrow
And when I feel lost,
I lean on the One
Who was slain on the cross.
When the pain is overwhelming,
And blinds me to see,
I still know that Your grace is sufficient for me.
Upon the Rock of Christ I will stand
And the tears that I cry
You hold in Your hands;
The very same hands
That were pierced for my sin,
And the blood that covered all I had been.
In the midst of the fire,
I know that You reign,
Through the troubles and heartache,
Great faith I will gain.
Lord, I just pray that while my heart breaks,
I learn the rhythm that Your heart makes.
For You are still God, so I will be still,
And rest and find peace, in Your plan, in Your will.
-miriam c.