16 July 2011

Parintii lui Bogdan ( 17 ani) il cauta disperati. Daca cineva stie ceva de el, va rog anuntati parintii cfcorina@yahoo.com sau ( si) politia. Amanunte mai jos...

Dear friends,

We are still working on finding/connecting with my good friend's son, Bogdan, who left his house Sunday and haven't heard from him as of today. He left in a Silver Honda Civic car and he is 17 years old. He told to some of his friends that he may go to Sacramento, Tahoe, Santa Cruz, South CA or Arizona. Attached please see his photo!

If you happen to see this car or him: Silver color, Honda Civic, plate # 6KOMO26 please notify/report to police ASAP (or call/e-mail myself). Police Departments has this as a missing car and teen in their system and will act upon urgently.

Also, please be so kind and forward this e-mail to your friends if you could.

Thank you for your help and understanding! God Bless!
Corina aka Fabi 

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