26 July 2011



Nu incerca sa dispari intr-o multime de oameni. Poza de mai sus arata intr-o forma care sa-ti demonstreze usor cum cu ajutorul tehnologiei te poate lua politia de exemplu...ca din oala.Poza reprezinta o multime de oameni in Vancouver inainte de meciul - cupa Stanley. Pune cursorul oriunde in multime si clickuieste de doua ori. Si continua sa dai clickuri si sa vezi ce se intimpla. 
Don't ever try to hide/disappear in a big crowd. The picture below shows in a very demonstrable way how technology can pick you out. The picture is self explanatory about the crowd in Vancouver before the riot after the Stanley cup game.

This is the crowd before the riot. Put your cursor anywhere in the crowd and double-click. Keep double clicking and see what happens. This is a great tool for law enforcement.
Check this out ...

This is the photo taken by Port Moody photographer Ronnie Miranda that appeared in our Tri-City News last Friday (24-June).

When you open this up, check the left hand side where you can upsize the photo, and click on the Yellow print "view with GigaTag".

This is actually scary. You can see - perfectly - the faces of every single

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